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Creation of a highly-effective rabbit breeding complex in Smolensk Region

Creation of a highly-effective rabbit breeding complex in Smolensk Region
  • Specialists of Intesco Research Group have developed numerous business plans for agricultural enterprises. Most frequently we receive orders for business plans for rabbit-breeding enterprises. It is believed to be quite a profitable kind of activities with a high yield. However, while developing the document, it is necessary to take into account specific risks and the possibility of minimizing them. For example, vaccination of animals. It enables preventing epidemics and, consequently, reduces the owner's expenses many times. Besides, it is necessary to use modern equipment for keeping the animals. Therefore, creation of large farms requires great expenses. However, a properly organized enterprise can pay back and give high returns rather soon.



    Rabbit breeding complex

    Intesco Research Group was addressed by a company that intends to create a highly efficient rabbit breeding complex in the village of Sergeevskoye, Gagarinsky district, Smolensk Region of RF. Successful implementation of the idea requires a sound business plan the provisions of which take into account peculiarities of such enterprises.

    The general aim of the project stated by the initiators was creation of a rabbit breeding farm for 3249 doe rabbits with account for the latest achievements in the field of keeping and breeding of animals, genetics and selection breeding, slaughtering, waste utilization and meeting the international regulations and ecological requirements. The enterprise is to produce three kinds of products: chilled and frozen rabbit meat, liver and by-products. Also, a workshop for feed production will be created and commissioned.

    Investment structure

    During project implementation 206 907.4 thousand rubles (incl. VAT) will be spent on purchase of equipment, construction of buildings and structures, as well as conducting associated works, including:

    Investment structure

    The initiators expressed their intention to implement an ecological approach to business, to use ecologically safe and modern production technologies. This requires constant monitoring of technology novelties.

    Tax deduction pattern

    The business plan took account of tax revenues to the budget of Smolensk Region. The total amount of taxes sent to the consolidated budget of Smolensk Region as a result of project implementation will amount to 19 807.7 thousand rubles.

    Thus, the net budget effect for the consolidated budget of Smolensk Region as a result of project implementation will amount to 14 101.2 thousand rubles. With such rates the project payback period amounts to 81 months (6.75 years). The net discounted revenue of the project will amount to 135 064 thousand rubles.

    With successful commissioning of the rabbit breeding complex in Smolensk Region the owners plan to take leading positions in production and primary processing of rabbit meat in the Russian Federation.

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