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Network of extracorporeal blood purification therapy centres

Network of extracorporeal blood purification therapy centres
  • A Kazakhstan limited liability company filed a request with Intesco Research Group with the aim of creating a network of medical centres that render substitutive renal therapy services.

    Having studied the market, the company’ director, a Candidate of medical sciences and a practitioner, came to the conclusion that such medical services are necessary for Kazakhstan and will bring great benefit to patients.

    As for the task of estimating the profitability and viability of the idea, it was given to specialists of Intesco Research Group, who have been developing successful business plans in various fields of activities throughout many years.



    Stages in development of the business plan in the field of provision of medical services

    The income derived from patients was rendering of the hemodialysis service.

    Kazakhstan hemodialysis market volume and structure

    The first stage in development of the business plan was analysis of the volume and structure of the market of fee-based medical services in Kazakhstan, their development trends. Apart from that, markets of mandatory and voluntary medical insurance, which are adjacent and also have an impact on demand for fee-based medical services, have been analyzed. Correspondingly, specialists of Intesco Research Group held a monitoring of competitors and existing substitutive renal therapy services.

    With that purpose, our specialists used the materials of specialized editions and statistics data in the Internet and held their own research. As a result of that work they came to the conclusion that the market of substitutive renal therapy services should be entered simultaneously, by commissioning 16 medical centres in all towns of regional significance. This will enable the share of the present project of up to 90% among competitive structures.

    Need in permits

    An important part in development of a medical establishment business plan is collection of all permits since medical activity must be conducted only upon availability of a license. Therefore, the business plan developed by specialists of Intesco Research Group included a list of documents required for acquiring the license. Requirements of international standards in the sphere were studied as well, so that the project would meet the latest world regulations to the maximum degree.

    Investment structure

    In order to commission 16 medical centres at the same time, it is not enough to simply build them. Therefore, the business plan development took account of tasks of fitting out the centres with modern high-tech equipment and training of qualified personnel. This required examination of variants of local and foreign suppliers of equipment, gathering of statistics on medical educational establishments and the level of medical personnel’s salary. Based on the results of all calculations, the sum of investment was stated.

    It amounts to 32 144 million tenge.

    Investment Structure

    Project effectiveness rates

    The united list of project effectiveness rates is the following

    Net cash flow 65 390 958 thousand tenge
    Net present value 15 924 380 thousand tenge
    Simple payback period 6.17 years
    Discounted payback period 7.96 years
    Profitability index 1.56 units
    Internal rate of return 21.2% %
    Breakeven point 57% %
    Breakeven point 1 387 016 thousand tenge / quarter

    Thus, with maximum strict observation of the business plan developed by Intesco Research Group, the cost effectiveness of the substitutive renal therapy centre, operating in accordance with requirements of international standards of EDTA, ERA, will be maximum. The business plan ordering party has already started to implement the project.

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