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Creation of a plant for production of beech plywood

  • Recently Intesco Research Group was addressed by representatives of the Republic of Ingushetia with a request for development of a business plan for construction of a plant for production of beech plywood in the region.

    They set their project tasks in the following way:

    • construction works and installation of equipment for production of beech plywood;
    • organization of channels of supply of raw materials and sales channels for ready products, organization of an advertising campaign and implementation of a project marketing strategy.
    • stage-by-stage commissioning of plant production facilities.

    Correspondingly, the aim of the business plan developed by specialists of Intesco Research Group was justification of cost effectiveness of creation and organization of beech plywood production as well as working out the project creation and development program.

    Relevance of construction of a plant for production of beech plywood

    While starting to develop the business plan, our specialists, first of all, studied the market of production, sales and implementation of beech plywood. This research showed that in the nearest future the demand for processed wood and cut lumber was expected to grow significantly.

    The popularity of beech plywood owes not only to its appearance but quality characteristics as well. Basic quality advantages of beech plywood include:

    • Strength. Beech, by its physical properties, is no worse than oak. After drying this wood becomes even harder than oak wood.
    • Flexibility. Beech plywood is very flexible. It can be used for making original structures for interior décor. This material also suits for further processing: covering with lacquer, paint, special compositions.
    • Convenience of use. Beech plywood can be easily cut. Thanks to a lower density comparing to oak, beech can be ground more easily. Still it remains one of the hardest and strong kinds of wood.

    Thanks to unique hygroscopic properties, beech wood dries faster than other kinds of wood and does not split.

    It turned out that supply of Russian beech plywood on the Russian market at the given moment is minimum. Primarily there are foreign products. Thus, organization of industrial production of beech plywood will make it possible to occupy a relatively free share of the market and provide a stable and fast growth of production volumes and supplies of high-quality beech plywood.

    Items of returns of the beech plywood plant

    Having analyzed the initial data, specialists of Intesco Research Group distinguished the following items of returns for the plant for beech plywood production, uniting them in categories by grades of manufactured products:

    • Grade 1/2;
    • Grade 2/2;
    • Grade 3/3;
    • Grade 4/4;

    Social importance and budget effectiveness of the project

    The calculations showed that implementation of the project of a plant for production of beech plywood will give to the Republic of Ingushetia 184 jobs, including 153 jobs of specialists participating in the production process. Tax revenues within 6 years of project implementation will amount to 1 429 852 thousand rubles.

    Volume and structure of investment in construction of the plywood production plant

    According to the estimates, project implementation will require investment in the volume of 1 812 million rubles. According to the data of the customers, the project will be financed with the use of the company’s own and budget funds based on the ratio of 30% company’s own funds and 70% budget funds:

    • Company’s own funds – 543 521 thousand rubles;
    • Budget funds – 1 268 215 thousand rubles.

    While developing the business plan, specialists of Intesco Research Group distinguished the following structure of investment:

    Thus, the final list of project effectiveness rates is the following:


    Net cash flow 2 747 429 thousand rubles
    Net present value 914 589 thousand rubles
    Simple payback period 3.40 years
    Discounted payback period 4.31 years
    Profitability index 1.58 units
    Internal rate of return 35.4 %
    Breakeven point 20 %
    Breakeven point 83 326 thousand rubles/quarter

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